Client Feedback

Hi, I just wanted to touch base and let you know how I've been going since I saw Len. It's now been 53 days no chocolate or soft drink! I haven't wanted or craved any chocolate at all. I've increased my water intake as well. I have been more active and just doing things instead of procrastinating. I have lost a few kilos and my podge has reduced (yay) and I am feeling way better about myself and seeing the beauty in things. Thanks heaps - Tanya.

Tanya, November 2020

Hi Len, Just a quick note to thank you for our session (a few months ago now). If you recall, I suffered severe anxiety with public speaking. Since our session I haven't had to speak to a large audience, but in the past week I have been required to speak at 2 separate AGM's. As expected I was very nervous beforehand, but I suffered no anxiety when actually speaking. As soon as I began to speak, I relaxed and became confident as I spoke. Thank you very much! It has made a big difference to my life! Regards, Phil.

Phil, October 2020

I am over the moon with the result. I haven’t smoked since the session. Almost 18 months without a cigarette and can’t believe I haven’t had a craving or urge to smoke. Can’t recommend it enough as after having trouble with side effects of medications, I thought I would struggle to ever give up.

James, June 2018

In September it will be 7 years since I gave up smoking cigarettes. So I can thoroughly say that my hypnotherapy worked.

Diane Hollis, June 2018

The best thing I have EVER done!! I was nervous going in, hoping it would work but also cautious thinking it was not going to work and would be a waste. I was completely surprised how easy it was and how comfortable I was made to feel. I would highly recommend Len Forbes! A few friends have tried group hypnotherapy elsewhere and it didn’t work for them so I decided to try a 1 on 1 approach. I went in 7 years ago - 5 October 2011 and haven’t looked back!!

Jess, May 2018